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The Snowlion Club

CBC Arts Documentary

Directed by Nawang Datok
Produced by BPL

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(Still from "The Snowlion Club" on CBC Arts)

The Snowlion Club is hosting their inaugural art exhibition in Toronto’s “Little Tibet”

This youth-led art collective has a dream -  that the streetwear designed and adopted by young Tibetans living in Toronto will raise awareness and show solidarity for kids and families struggling inside Tibet today. 

The Snowlion Club engages peer Tibetan youth through art and design to share the historical art and culture of Tibet, and provides emerging artists multiple platforms to explore their own creative voices. Having built a solid presence online, The Snowlion Club is ready for their first art exhibition, “Thrive and Prosper”, featuring 9 emerging Tibetan creatives encouraged to express their exile experience. In this film, we Meet the core members of the art collective and some of the artists featured. This momentous event takes place in Parkdale’s “Little Tibet”, the Toronto neighbourhood home to the largest exile Tibetan community outside of Asia, since the 1959 hostile takeover and subsequent occupation of Tibet. 

Watch The Snowlion Club On CBC Arts here


Director & Cinematographer

Nawang Datok


Geoff Doner

Andrea Battersby 

Featured Interviews

Tenzin Rabyang

Tenzin Tsering
Kalsang Tsultim

Tenzing Chosank

Tashi Lama

“Thrive And Prosper” Exhibiting Artists

Tenzin Rabyang

Kalsang Tsultim

Tenzing Chosank

Tenzin Tsering

Tenzing Nyima

Tsewang Lhamo

Tenzing Kelsang

Tenzing Lhamo Dorje

Tenzin Choeyang


Ameel Mohammed


Thank You

Tenzin Rabyang

Rignam Wangkang

Lise Hosein & Luke Myers at CBC Arts

Centre For Social Innovation

Ameel Mohammed

Salisa Jatuweerapong and Artist Alley OCADU

Parkdale Meeting Place/

West Neighbourhood House 

William F. White

Snowlion Club Group Shot-photo Ameel Mohammed
Tenzin "Tenzoni" Tsering-photo Ameel Mohammed
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