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JULY 2018

MAGT backstage at Nuit Rose

MAGT Group.jpeg
photo: GUN ROZE

JUNE 2018

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June 2018


Photos: Gun Roze Images

Make-up/Hair: Melissa Nicholl

MAY 2016

June 2018

We are so excited to be performing for NUIT ROSE​ at the end of the Light Parade in Barbara Hall Park June 16 ! We go on around 10pm !


Our theme is RELEXION. REFLEXION is a live performance imagining a world unbound by societal barriers to meaningful connection, where all beings are free to realize their optimal, authentic state. The artists of MAGT are proud to advocate for equality of the rainbow community / LGBTQI2S through our art and work, who we collaborate with, the causes we stand for, and those we stand in solidarity with.

JUNE 2016

MAGT LIVE Nuit Rose 2016
Church St, Toronto
Photos: Gun Roze Images

Thank you so much to Gunar Roze for taking such great shots! Love this one:)

Check out more of Gunar's work here!

Thank you to Paul Langill Paul and Matthew Jewson for your incredible make up artistry! A marathon day for you two:) Stunning work!

MAY 2016

The Bureau Of Power & Light presents MAGT live, June 25th, at BIA Stage, as part of Nuit

Rose/Pride Toronto following the Light Parade, preceeding DJ Bruce La Bruce!

Come be a part of the Light Parade before the show!!

Check out all the details here!

NOV 2015

Join us at the annual CSI Holiday Pop Up Market & Social Dec 03 @ 720 Bathurst as the Bureau Of Power And Light art collective, a proud member of the awesome Centre For Social Innovation family, showcases the dark pop electro styling’s of MAGT!


Put on your dancing shoes!


MAGT goes on @ 8pm ish


Pop Up Market 12pm-5pm

Market/Social 5pm-9pm


Facebook Event Page:

CSI Holiday Pop Up Market & Social co-presented by #GreenPeopleTO


APRIL 2015

Thank you Green Majority for playing "Overcast Sky" on your CIUT radio show! You guys are awesome! For those of you unfamiliar, tune into CIUT 89.5 FM Fridays at 11am in the Toronto area or go here for all of their shows online and get informed on issues related to the environment and indepth commentary by hosts Daryn Caister, Stephan Hostetter and Kevin Farmer.

JAN 2015

Can you hear me calling?

From the rooftop


We're all gonna die

We can be sure of it

And it could come suddenly!

Makes me think of my actions

My habitual distractions

My fears

I will overcome them

And rise above it all!


MAGT is back in the studio working on two new songs "No Secret" and "Lightbody Soldiers". Stay tuned for release dates!

JUNE 2014

This month, MAGT celebrated World Pride in Toronto by performing live at the legendary Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto, Can. as part of Glad Day Cabaret hosted by the irresistible Troy Jackson. MAGT showcased two new songs Kaliyuga and Footprint.

While Kaliyuga inspires us to rise up out of the dark age, transcend our fears and realize our true potential, Footprint examines how our lifestyle choices affect the the rest of the world.

MAY 2014

Join MAGT and friends as they help celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the Centre For Social Innovation!! At the Festival Of Social Innovation, among bright minds, entrepreneurs, and leaders in making the world a better place for all, the Bureau will be presenting a 3 hour improvised musical meditation exploring death, impermanence and living a more meaningful life.


Admission is free!! Join us!!

APRIL 2014

planting seeds....

MARCH 2014


Back in the studio!

MAGT is laying down vox on new track Rain, weaving their magical threads through driving industrial rhythms, soaring over apocalyptic wastelands and scattering seeds of light. 


Energy is finite. Is it better spent tearing down the old and battling the dark forces or planting seeds of light amongst it all to grow, take root and take over as a glowing forest of unforeseen possibilities? 


MAGT is also planning on some live shows early summer, so leave us your email and we will keep you informed!




Put the world on hold

 I need to turn around and plot a new direction

 No no no no

 This one isn't going anywhere

 Round round I go

 In a cycle that is vicious and exhausting

 Slow slow slow slow

 Down settle so that i can climb off


 Put the world on hold!


 Bones bones bones 

 Start to shiver when I think of my collection

 Of clothes clothes clothes clothes

 Made by orphans in a prison cell...

 The coffee I'm drinking

 The food I'm eating

 The waste I'm making

 Who's back I'm breaking

 The car I drive 

 And what it runs on

 And where that comes from....


This month finds MAGT in the studio recording vocal tracks for the up-and-coming release Footprint. Sure to get feet moving with this dark electro house track that explores our everyday habits and how they in turn affect the rest of the world. A video is also in the works.


Also in the studio finishing up vocal tracks for Kaliyuga and Rain. 




MAGT Live @ the Steady

Toronto, CAN

Dec 21 2013

magt live at the steady
The Sensational Legend Michael Venus
MAGT Live @ the Steady
MAGT Live @ the Steady
MAGT Live @ the Steady
The Sensational Legend Michael Venus
MAGT Live @ the Steady
G Force of MAGT
MAGT Live @ the Steady
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