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photos: GUN ROZE
Make Up & Hair Design: Melissa Nicholl
Graphic design: geoff doner
MAGT (pron. Mag-gut)

Eating the pop world from the inside out, four vocalists animate mindful electronic dance music. 

Compelling lyrics, driving rhythms and grounding beats illustrate timely reflections on the state of the world. On stage, Mimoon, Androidrea, Gii, and Taj, are the mythological counterparts of the four earthly band members. MAGT’s idealized, glamorous avatars personify energies and principles focused to make the world a better place. 


MAGT is an art band of four vocalists whose energizing original dance music is the synthesis of natural creative chemistry and socially conscious observations. MAGT band members are long time friends and artistic collaborators who have been creating compelling electronic music together in intense and sporadic cycles since 2012. All music composed and performed by Geoff Doner, also author of all lyrics to date. The members of MAGT engage in multi-media art creation and activism both collectively and individually. Community partners to date include Gladday Bookstore, Nuit Rose Queer Art Festival, World Pride Toronto 2014, The Centre For Social Innovation. 


The foundational wisdom of formalizing as a group of creators, also gave rise to the wider art collective, Bureau Of Power And Light, established in 2015 by band members Battersby and Doner. 

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