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ART & SOCIAL JUSTICE video project

(still early days)

* This ever-evolving PRIVATE page is intended to articulate the concept for this project to potential supporters, partners and collaborators. The information is still incomplete, but we are updating it on a regular basis as the project evolves. 

the SONG

the big idea

The Love More Real video project aims to raise awareness of social issues in the world and amplify the voices of young activists and organizations engaged in cultivating a more just and compassionate world. A world where everyone has the same opportunities to realize their optimal, true state of being.

The music is an electro-pop rock anthem, a rally cry to turn our zombie-like gaze away from the noise and spectacle of the last feverish nightmare spasms of dying colonial empires, like south of our Canadian border and around the world. Love More Real, instead, compels us to turn our eyes to a parade of a different sort, one that celebrates the good things that people are doing in the world, that organizations are doing in the world, that young activists are doing in the world; artists, environmentalists, people dedicating their lives to making the world a better place in their own particular way. By investing energy into positive endeavours that aim to make the world a better place for all living beings and make sincere and authentic efforts, to the best of one's means, to help those most affected by the proliferations of negativity and self-serving phenomena that pervades this world, we will cultivate the soil for a just, optimal existence for all!


There are individuals and social enterprises that are tackling real world problems and succeeding, addressing issues that governments have flat out failed to, usually because the corporations that fund many governments are often the ones perpetuating the problems in the first place. Social enterprises are not only doing the work others won’t, investing energy and resources into improving quality of life for all living beings, but they are also employing and supporting marginalized people that most others wouldn’t. Amazing companies, not-for-profits and for-profits, charities, all in their own way, helping make the world a better place.


But, they are often more quiet, perhaps unnoticed in the noise and din of the self-serving corporate toxicity we are often surrounded by and subjected to. Time for a parade to celebrate these humans and the work they do!!


Our aim is to leverage this video project to raise money to support all of the orgs and causes involved: ethical sponsorship of the parade floats, create a crowd-funding campaign to cover costs of production with extra earnings going into supporting the work of the orgs involved; sell related ethically-sourced merchandise; etc. This project is still in its early days, so definitely more work to do!  The more peeps that get involved, the bigger this will get, the more exposure and monetary return for all involved. This project is intended to benefit everyone involved using the vehicle of a kick-ass song and even more kick-ass video!!

Bureau Of Power And Light is an art collective dedicated to harnessing creative energies for positive social impact.​ We endeavour to foster empathy through the creation, exhibition, and facilitation of artworks. We are committed to creating and supporting platforms for under-represented voices, and advocating for artists and the arts in society at large. 

Projects initiated by BPL include art bands ILLIASTER and MAGT, multi-dimensional exhibitions TIBETANS OF TORONTO, #RECLAIMTIBETIN LIGHT OF DEATH, TIME TRAVELLERS: THE ART OF TASHI NORBU and recent short film LIGHT FOR FREEDOM, based on an immersive theatre work of the same name.

Light & Laughter,

Geoff Doner & Andrea Battersby


The lyrics

The lyrics have been updated from the music track currently provided to reflect first-person perspective in cases where the particular vocalist has a more personal connection to the content of the verse they are singing. I have taken the liberty of adding Kelly Fraser and Sonam Chokey in hopes that they would dig the idea and want to be involved:) 


Looks like you made yourself another war

Destroying homes collaterally

They come a knockin knockin on your shores

You shut them out

Call them the enemy

I know that goodness is in everyone

But it gets trampled by so many things

It’s maybe how you’re raised

Or what you’ve seen

What has been done to you

Or chemically

I’ve been honing my innovation

I climb into a ball

And I shrink down small

Fly like a bug into inner spaces

Lets see what this machine is made of !

All my life

I’ve been fabricating

An inauthentic replica

I will get cultivating

A life more true

A love more Real !

This is the last nightmare before the fever breaks

We’ll keep on fighting for the remedy as long as it takes

It’s always darkest before it dawns

Still, gotta get up off this trip that we each are on


If you have privilege then share it with the ones that don’t

Reach out a hand even if the others won’t

Take a breath

Take a moment


And breathe out


Corporate greed is the enemy !

We trade our soul for a profit

While my brothers and my sisters self-immolating

North of the Himalayas!!

All my life

I’ve been imitating

A life revolving round the dollar

I will get cultivating

A life more true

A love more Real !

A Love more Real !

A Love more Real !

A Love more Real !

A Love more Real !

Video concept

These are some of the awesome, world-changing people we would love to see animate this project:




Confirmed !






Photo: (Source)


YTST Press Photo 2018.jpg


Photo: Richard Lam (Source)




Photo: (Source)

potential partners and orgs

  1. Toronto Arts Council

  2. City Of Toronto

  3. On The Spot Language

  4. Goodfoot Delivery

  5. Jayu

  6. Action Against Hunger

  7. Raising The Roof

  8. Stopgap

  9. Sketch

  10. StreetART

  11. Students For A Free Tibet

  12. El-taweed Unity Mosque

  13.  City Of Toronto

  14.  Aura Freedom

  15.  21 Toys

  16.  Environmentum

  17.  Annex Improv

  18.  Nik Beeson Curiosity

  19.  Snowlion Club

  20.  Jo Pour Girl

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