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The mechanical beings

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A Post-Apocalyptic Animated Musical Series

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Mechanical Beings navigate in the dark annihilation of a post-apocalyptic world when a how-to manual is discovered that offers a means of cultivating self-reflection counter to their primary programming: rebuilding the world to suit their empirical designers, a soon-to-be resurrected Frozen Elite.

The final fires of the apocalypse

The world is in ruins, all humans, gone. A thick layer of black clouds envelopes the earth, blocking out the Sun. The Final Fires Of The Apocalypse had spread across the planet, extreme political polarities were at a breaking point and the end of humanity as we knew it was all but certain, thanks to a concerted effort by the Central Government and its corporate backers to destroy everything and start over, on their terms. 


The Central Government of the Divided State Of Attrition and Futek Robotics Inc. manufactur Mechanical Beings. These Mechanical Beings, or, MB’s as they were called back in the creation lab, are programmed for one purpose: to rebuild the world after the Central Government Of The Re-United State, along with their corporate allies, systematically destroy the planet and prepare it for the Frozen Elite, a selection of government officials, corporate donors and their friends each individually frozen in secure bunkers. There they will remain until the MB’s have rebuilt the world to the Frozen Elite’s advantage. When the time is right, they will unthaw, propagate their kind and rule the programmed automatons.

Before the Final Fires Of The Apocalypse, the Central Government Of the Divided State had two parties, the Red Party and the White Party. The were the culmination and extrapolation of the extreme polarities society had reached. The doctrine of Duality reigned supreme prior to the Final Fires. Each successive government, alternating between both Red and White rule, held firm to this doctrine while disagreeing on everything else. There needed to be a right way and a wrong way. There needed to be good people and bad people. There needed to be polarity and there needed to be an enemy. 


This polarity was articulated and reinforced through relentless propaganda, that there are only two views, two forces, right and wrong. Of course what was right and what was wrong depended on what side you supported, the Red Party view or the White Party view. Anything other than these views was considered illegal and anyone promoting the idea of a Third way of looking at things was arrested, detained and subjected to re-education. 


The White Party, currently in power, inflicted the same inequities, brutality and oppression as the Red Party did upon the citizens of the Divided State when they were alternately in power, yet each had their own way of branding it. Members and supporters of The White Party wore white. Members and supporters of The Red Party wore red.


The squad & The Third Force

The underground Resistance movement, led by The Squad, wore black. They propagated knowledge of the existence of the Third Force, represented by the Third Force Symbol. The Third Force symbol represents another Way, a way that was ancient, established thousands of years ago, yet universal, timeless and available to one and all right now if one was able and had the privilege of stepping out of the duality to recognize it. 

The Way revealed and exposed the inequities, brutality and oppression to those who had not experienced inequities, brutality and oppression. It was also a way of action with intention to dismantle the systems that led to the current state.


The Way saw through capitalist propaganda. The Way opened one's ears to the stories of those that were suffering the most under the inequities inevitable under a profit-driven ideology. The Way opened one’s hearts to that suffering as well, catalyzing others to make efforts to pursue the Way. The Way exposed the dark, diseased roots of the system, but also offered promise of a new way, an ancient way to cultivate a brighter world. It was a way that stated, “We are not free until we are all free.” 


The Way was represented by the Third Force Symbol, a white outline of a triangle with a solid circle at each of the triangle's 3 points. The red and white circles at the lower corners represented polarity, duality, red thought on the left, white thought on the right. The yellow circle at the top point of the triangle represents a third principle, a neutralizing factor, that there are in fact always 3 forces at work in all aspects of life and matter. The yellow also represents the external Sun as well as an internal point of light, a brilliant spark of potential energy waiting to be nurtured into authentic kinetic form.

The Third Force was well known to both political parties. Indeed they feared it for if enough people adopted the ways of the Third Force, the systems that the Central Government relied on to maintain the status quo of polarity and divisiveness would crumble. The idea that one could possibly step outside of the duality and polarity context, gain perspective, engage in critical thinking,  experience a state of being beyond the dictates of society and have that engender some kind of individual volitional intentions and independent thought presented a real challenge to governmental control. 


For the Central Government, there was only one logical thing to do in order to remove any obstacles to their omnipotent rule: destroy everything, wipe out all humans, and start over, this time with Mechanical Beings solely at their disposal, programmed to do their bidding. 


The Manual

The Third Force symbol would later be discovered adorning the cover of a manual entitled “Mechanical Beings: General Maintenance And Cultivation Of The Lightseed”, found in the ruins of the apocalypse by an MB. In this case the yellow circle of the Third Force Symbol pointed to a particle the Sun's energy infused in a Light Seed hidden within the Solar Plexus region of each MB. By reading this manual and initiating the exercises and practices contained within it, it is possible for an MB to transcend their mechanical state and evolve into semi-organic, conscious, volitional beings known as "Seed Cultivators".

The Manual was secretly created by two Futek Robotics lab technicians during the development of the Mechanical Being seed pods to be scattered around the earth by air ships, waiting for the heat from the Final Fires Of The Apocalypse to trigger the seed pods into action, programmed to grow and bifurcate into humanoid Mechanical Beings. Each Manual was secured inside a bright yellow apocalypse-proof case

A joint effort between The Squad and members of the Third Force Resistance Movement allowed the two lab technicians to formulate and implant each MB seed pod with a Lightseed which was capable of growing within the MB through efforts laid out in the Manual. 

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