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Artist, Composer, Musician, Producer, Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Co Founder

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Cofounder, Producer, Composer, Social Media, Graphic Designer, Artistic Director

Bureau Of Power And Light

Co-Creator, Artistic Director, Graphic Designer


Admin @arthouseto Instagram 

Composer, Producer, Performer

Geoff Doner Music  


Storytelling through the arts is a powerful way of sharing many diverse perspectives, challenging our convictions, intervening in our daily lives and emotionally engaging us with issues that need to be addressed, ideally compelling us to take action. 


In my role as Producer and Cofounder at BPL.Productions, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many incredible humans on meaningful projects that cultivate creative energies for positive social impact, utilizing a variety of mediums including music, live performance, visual art, film, theatre, live panel discussions and public artworks. This includes the development and execution of projects and programming around art exhibitions produced by BPL, conceptualizing, designing and delivery of the digital and print assets for these events and all of our projects as well as creating and managing web and social media content and design. 


As Composer, classically trained on piano, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, I have recently released two albums Love More Real, Orbs Of Light Amongst The Skeleton Trees and a single No Secret. Listen at!


As Set Construction Supervisor, 15 years of experience behind the scenes in television, theatre, corporate events, large-scale live shows and live-to-air TV has cultivated in me an exceptional ability to delegate, multi-task, problem solve and effectually realize a vision in a fast-paced environment, doing so with respect, diplomacy and a healthy dose of humour!

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