why support BPL?

Art is medicine; humans require creative ways to process and express the world around us. Many inequities and broken systems have been revealed during the Covid 19 pandemic and people have turned to the arts for healing, even as the entire arts and culture sector is experiencing closures, shutdowns and severe limitations. 


As Artist/Producers and Co-founders of BPL, we have had to re-imagine our practice during Covid and develop new ways of telling stories. We relocated our homebase to a storefront where we can re-emerge amidst continually changing Covid health and safety protocols. By acquiring this new space we have gained the potential to curate and commission art for exhibition, host live performances of music and theatre, film presentations, live-stream educational events while keeping artists and audiences safe.

BPL needs to be able to navigate the shifting arts and culture landscape without interrupting the momentum behind projects that have and are making a real difference. Financial support of BPL directly translates to creation, exhibition, and facilitation of original artworks, platforms for under-represented voices, and advocacy for artists and the arts in society at large. 

Your contribution not only allows us to produce our projects, your generosity also supports us to hire other creatives, provide an income and provide opportunities for others to develop their particular artistic skillsets.

Your contribution also supports social justice organizations that we collaborate with! For example, 20% of sales from Geoff Doner's debut album Love More Real, released in March 2021, goes to Students For A Free Tibet Canada, a grassroots organization that works in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence. 100% of sales from the single "No Secret" from this album goes to the Encampment Support Network (ESN) an ad-hoc, volunteer-run network supporting people living in encampments in 6 locations throughout Toronto. 


Thank you so much for supporting BPL! Your contribution will help us deliver creative opportunities for positive social impact!

Andrea Battersby & Geoff Doner

Cofounders of Bureau Of Power And Light (BPL)

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