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why support BPL?


​We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy:)


BPL is a Toronto-based art collective producing multimedia artworks that foster empathy and cultivate social impact. We started BPL in 2014. We create original content and engage in meaningful collaborations to elevate diverse stories through Music, Film, Visual Arts, Live Performance, Digital Media and Public Art. 


BPL needs to be able to navigate the shifting arts and culture landscape without interrupting the momentum behind projects that are making a real difference. ArtHouseTO, Butterfly Effect Mural, New Life Music Video, Pop-Up Art Shop and evolving installations in the BPL Headquarters Storefront Window are publicly accessible projects having impact in the world today. Our legacy of engaging artists, activists and communities to produce meaningful art experiences with positive ripple effect is evident on our website and social media channels. Financial support of BPL directly translates to creation, exhibition, and facilitation of original artworks, platforms for arts-based solutions, and advocacy for artists and the arts in society at large. 


When you join our journey by contributing monetarily, your support not only allows us to produce projects, your generosity will also support us to hire other creatives, and provide opportunities for others to develop their particular artistic skill sets.


We doubled down on our belief in art's inherent healing power and our commitment to BPL during the height of the pandemic. Surviving 2 renovictions to land a legitimate live/work space that can accommodate our practice. A storefront window allows us to explore BPL exhibitions and provides an exchange of energy with community members and our neighbourhood. We have survived, we know how to thrive and we are building sustainability. By transitioning to a registered charity we hope to lay a steady foundation for BPL impact into the future. Today we are officially inviting our community members to join us on our journey by contributing resources to fund operations, and more importantly, to share in the returns of our successes together, now and into the future as we scale up operations to meet our vision.


Advocating for the artists and work of BPL today is part of our collective mission to fight for validation of creatives and the environments required for professional development and production. We at BPL ARE those Artists and Creatives.

​Thank you so much for supporting BPL! Your contribution will help us deliver creative opportunities for positive social impact! We look forward to cultivating a relationship of mutual fertilization and support.

Much love! 

Andrea Battersby & Geoff Doner


Cofounders of Bureau Of Power And Light

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