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No Secret is a rally cry to cut the bullshit and help one another, a reminder that social inequities persist based on unequal access to resources and basic human rights. We all have a part to play in taking care of each other by dismantling broken systems and creating new ones that are entirely inclusive. It's the middle of winter in Toronto, where the second wave of the pandemic has some citizens locked down. What options do unhoused citizens have to experience safety and respect and freedom from infection ?


Fellow Toronto residents have stepped up to fill the gap between basic human needs and rights of vulnerable folks and the tone-deaf governmental responses to the affordable housing crisis which has included dismissal of peoples experience on the ground and worse- destruction of peoples temporary shelters without appropriate alternatives offered. Why are individuals and community organizations like ESN paying for our institutions failure to provide safety to every citizen equally ?


It's no secret that everyone deserves the same human rights and that the ability to thrive is dependent upon some basic human requirements - freedom, water, food and a home.


All proceeds from sale of this track will be donated to the Toronto-based Encampment Support Network in aid of their urgently necessary work to support unhoused citizens seeking safety in temporary shelters like tents, tiny homes and foam domes in city parks.


This release is a remix of the original No Secret from Geoff Doner's forthcoming EP Love More Real


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Written & Produced by Geoff Doner 2020

Geoff Doner | Vocals & All Instrumentation

Andrea Battersby | Vocals

Mikela Jay | Vocals

Troy Jackson | Vocals Artwork: Andrea Battersby & Geoff Doner

A Ray Of Light Into This Dark Machine by Geoff Doner

A Ray Of Light Into This Dark Machine

An ambient, sonic journey into the dreamcycles of a Mechanical Being as they navigate the dark ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.


All music written, improvised and performed by Geoff Doner 2018-19 conceived as score for an animated musical entitled "LightSeed & The Mechanical Beings" currently in development.

geoff doner

Electro Acoustic Pop Ambient Goth Rock trans-media music project created and produced by Geoff Doner, composer, musician and cofounder of Bureau Of Power & Light (BPL), an art collective harnessing creative energies for positive social impact. Based in Toronto CAN.


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