butterfly effect

Mural project

“N’maemaegawaehnshish | My Caterpillar”

by Nyle @miigizi Johnston, 2020

Butterfly Effect Mural Artist 

Butterfly Effect is a mural project featuring artists Paula Gonzalez-Ossa, Nyle Johnston and Skam in partnership with Bureau Of Power & Light, Street Art Toronto and Centre For Social Innovation.

To counteract unsightly, illegal tagging on the facade of Centre For Social Innovation (CSI) at 192 Spadina Ave., BPL has assembled a rock star cast of graffiti writers and mural artists whose prominence in this project will ensure the safety of painted surfaces we create together, in perpetuity.



Centre For Social Innovation (CSI) at 192 Spadina Ave

The theme of Butterfly Effect mural revolves around the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, intersectional ideas related to environmental protection, social justice, local Indigenous stories and the 'butterfly effect' of how people's individual and collective efforts can cultivate a better world for all living beings. The Concept Design created by BPL provides an armature to be further imbued with meaning by the lead artists and the community. We plan to have up to 4 community consultations to include the voices and ideas of the CSI Community and the surrounding neighbourhood. 

The migration patterns of the Monarch Butterfly will inform the timeline of the Butterfly Effect Mural Project. To honour the local Monarch Butterfly's departure late August-September, we will be doing a preliminary design on the facade of CSI to engage people and as well as provide a backdrop for animation and programming that will take place in front of CSI. A QR code will be posted on the wall for people to connect with this project via social media. 

During the winter months, the Monarch Butterflies inhabit the evergreen forests of Mexico after a long flight. There they will stay until returning mid-late May.

We will celebrate the Monarchs return with a reveal of the final design in June 2021!!!

Conceptual drawing

Conceptual Drawing by Geoff Doner 2019


The Caterpillar 

September - December 2020

The Chrysalis 

January - May 2021

The butterfly Stage

May - June 2021

more to come...!

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