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Art Anchor. Health Beacon. For All.

Creative Convergence Centre For Community Arts & Health


ArtHouse exemplifies the interdependence of health, well-being and the arts while legitimizing artists and their requirements.  ArtHouse is an aspirational model of city sanctioned, accessible and appropriate space in downtown Toronto dedicated to Creative Convergence For Community Health. ArtHouse is a Hub of creative spaces for healing, growth and transformation, that houses artists and creates inclusive cultural engagements that benefit the entire city.


We imagine an ideal with accessible opportunities for marginalized, emerging and established Creative Agents as well people in need of affordable housing to live and work in a mixed-use affordable housing environment conducive to creative convergence with an emphasis on community health and wellbeing.  


The equal and authentic participation of the City Of Toronto, local Indigenous communities, the local creative community, healthcare professionals,  as well as local organizations focused on urban growing initiatives, renewable & sustainable energy & technologies, social equity, from inception through to fruition will be instrumental in the realization and ultimate success of this project. Together with strategic partnerships, we aim to proactively cultivate an emergent model for a new build in downtown Toronto.


We understand that given the current health and economic crisis, energies, dollars and resources will need to be invested accordingly to address COVID 19 for some time to come. And in this pause afforded to many, but not all - because this is definitely not a pause for many people who continue to put their lives at risk on the front lines in order to provide essential services - we can also imagine, conceptualize, illustrate and articulate ideas for a world that is better suited to cultivating a just, equitable, healthy world for all living beings to thrive towards their optimal potential. 


This is where the arts are most vital!


Artists help us to visualize possible worlds


Artists are able to make new connections, discover new relationships and articulate news ideas in ways that are infinitely engaging.


Artists take many seemingly divergent and disparate ideas, distill and present them in ever evolving new ways that people can engage with.


Artists will take their insides out and show you all of the beauty and the gore just so you can look inwards at yourself and realize all of the similarities, and the differences.


Artists pursue precarious, uncertain paths contrary to a capitalist mindset, against the “better judgement” of well meaning advisors because artists know that they need the process of art making for the sake of their own well being, let alone they have something worth expressing.


Artists and the works artists produce afford other humans an opportunity to step back, reflect on one's own life situation, and potentially recalibrate one's finite energy to being more compassionate, more patient, more self aware and pursue more meaningful and purposeful endeavours.


This is a time where people are particularly receptive to understanding the real value of healthcare, the real value of the arts, and the interdependence and intersections therein regarding healing, recovery, processing and fostering a better world for all. A Creative Convergence Centre For Community Arts & Health is the perfect place to cultivate that world.


To inform the model, we first need to identify the specific needs of Toronto's Creative Community in order to address them authentically.  We will be gathering data throughout this project with the help of your participation! Yes we need YOU to help us. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned on how you can get involved!


Are there models out there already? Absolutely! And here we will explore who is doing what in Toronto to address the needs of creative professionals. No need to reinvent the wheel! We can learn a lot from places like Akin Collective and Artscape. They provide invaluable services and programming for artists.


However, with so many live/work spaces in the city vanishing due to unchecked reno-victions and condo developments that don't accommodate artists, we need to invest in more proactive measures to address what is becoming a cultural crisis in Toronto with so many creative people being displaced with few accessible alternatives. 


SO, please join us on this journey by following us on Instagram! We will be posting some questions for you over the next few days and invite your feedback and insight in the comments section of each post. Stay Safe and Stay Tuned:)

Second Floor | Live Work Studios,

Arts/Arts-Related Organizations

  • Private, Secure Artist Residence/Live Work Studios with individual balconies

  • Common Area/Lounge for Private Artist Residences

  • Arts Organizations/Intersectional Organizations

Third Floor | Live Work Studios, Green Roof

  • Private, Secure Artist Residence/Live Work Studios with individual balconies

  • Artist Residence Common/Lounge 

  • Communal Roof Decks

  • Green Roof 

  • Resident access to Green Roof via Communal Rooftop Decks

  • Access to Green Roof via elevators from Ground Floor Atrium

Fourth & Fifth Floors  | Live Work Studios

  • Private, Secure Artist Residence/Live Work Studios with individual balconies

  • Artist Residence Common/Lounge 

  • Communal Roof Decks 

  • Resident access to Green Roof via Communal Rooftop Decks

  • Access to Green Roof via elevators from Ground Floor Atrium